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Wet Welding

15 April 2000

TUCF's first wet welding course makes a splash!

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The Underwater Centre Fremantle in conjunction with MOS Specialty Welds and David Keats undertook a ten day intensive wet welding course following an enquiry from Rockwater in Singapore.

The divers required training and testing for a welding repair on an SBM in the South China Sea. TUCF and David Keats of MOS joined forces to deliver the "Wet Welding 2" underwater welder training course. This programme provides both surface and wet welding skills and meets both British and International standards. All three divers successfully passed AWS specification for their test plates. Reports from the clients inspection engineers "SureSpec" confirm the job, which involved welding at a depth of 70M using Barracuda electrodes, went extremely well.

Congratulations guys!

For more information contact:

8 Rous Head Road
North Fremantle, WA 6159, Australia
Tel: +61 8 9336 3343
FAX: +61 8 9336 3345

Charlie Gill (Attendant)
Billy Bijl (Diver), David
Keats (Instructor) and Sam
Hall during their wet
welding training at TUCF.